Out of the Clouds - Waking Heart

Join certified mindfulness & meditation teacher Anne Muhlethaler for guided meditations and talks to explore and practice mindfulness meditation, mettā (also known as Loving Kindness) and how we can approach life with mindful intention.

Built as a supplement to Anne’s other show, Out of the Clouds, where she discusses the themes of business and mindfulness in long-form interviews, this podcast is imagined as a doorway for discovery of all the various Mindfulness & Meditation practices.

There is a common misunderstanding that all meditations are the same, or that there is only one type of meditation. This makes a lot of teachers like Anne giggle. It feels like equating rock climbing to football or badminton because, truthfully, different practices offer different results. Join Anne to learn about, and get a taste for, and hopefully find practices that will suit you.